Warranty Services

It does not happen often but sometimes coursework paper writing service a phone is not repairable. iPhone Express, it principles, owners, employees and agents, will not be held liable for special, consequential or incidental damages, including but not limited to loss of opportunity or profit. Under no circumstances will iPhonexpress’s liability exceed the cost of the repair.

Apple Warranty
I understand that opening this device is against the terms of Apple’s warranty policy and likely the terms of a third-party insurance company. I understand iPhonexpress’s opening of this device may void my coverage, mentioned above, but I still give my consent to iPhonexpress to proceed with the repair.

Diagnostic testing of iPhones is a free service. An estimate prior to repair will be given but other issues may be found. Payment in full is due when the repair is complete. A 90-day warranty covers the functionality of the repair completed on this date (which does not cover good informative essay topics accidental or deliberate damages, ie. broken screen, water damage, etc.). Also in the event the device is taken to any other smart phone repair store within this 90-day period your iPhonexpress warranty will be null and void.

Data including but not limited to contacts, photos and settings may be lost during the repair or as a result of the initial damage. If your phone is not backed up, our techs may be able to back-up the phone for an additional fee.